Aircraft build stands

Who sells or has a pattern for a stand to hold an aircraft as you build it/ paint it?

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I was going to suggest building something similar to this, but looked it up before posting. One of the more important features would be adjustable wing/tail supports to insure perfect dihedral.


I would recommend LMG BB-01. . .


Top, check out it’s Laser Model Graving out of Ukraine. They make very well engineered and very well priced build stands and turntables.

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This guy offers such, and lots of other tools. I’ve had quick turnaround time.


Now I realize that I don’t know what I need.
I see many of the plastic versions are sold out and not the wooden ones, so is plastic or wood preferable?
I see there are the "basic " models that look to be mono plane designs and there are biplane designs. Is this an issue or a sales feature?
I have 1/48th jets, 1/32 biplanes and monoplanes in the stash. Are there design features of the mounting jig that will be helpful and ones that don’t matter?

TopSmith , I have a LMG stand if you’re interested . Just pay shipping and it’s yours if ya want .

I only have the plastic ones.

I don’t know yet about the biplane version. I have a couple of 1/48 biplanes, but I keep not getting time to get to them. I think the biplane jig might be helpful on a jiggly winged biplanes, but it seems like the newer kits are built not to have a lot of jiggle, so I don’t know.

I use the standard one for 1/72 bombers and I used it for a 1/48 mig, but the one I have isn’t big enough to accommodate my 1/48 phantom. I’ve just used a few pieces of foam lightly stuck together to hold it, but that’s really a bad idea for painting with the airbrush as a bit of the foam melted onto the kit from overspray. (Cleaning it off was easy, but that’s why I want a plastic or pdf stand).

I like the look of the ukrainian mfg SSGT Toms is talking about but haven’t purchased from them myself.