Airfix 1:72 Eboat (Schnellboot) Test

Test post
The old Airfix Eboat with much added detail and corrections.

e_boat__1_ e_boat__4_ e_boat__5_ e_boat__7_ e_boat__13_ e_boat__15_ e_boat__16_ e_boat__18_ e_boat__19_e_boat__7_ e_boat__13_ e_boat__16_

Nice work!
Reminds me of my half-built shelf queen, but I WILL get her done, … someday …

Hi Joe, your Schnellboot looks great! I remember taking on this kit on years ago… and making a real mess of it. :expressionless:

Your pic looks as if you brought it to its full potential. More pictures, please!

Hi Robin and Tim,
Thanks for the comments…more pics added but cant seem to make them bigger.
Have a great day!

I looked at the image links and they have 150x100 at the end.
What is the original size of those images? Could you have copied links to thumbnails instead of links to the full images?

Ah yes, Robin…that is what has happened.