Airfix Bamboo House; A query

That’s fantastic Robert. Thank you very much for the heads up.

it’s always been hidden from on how to build a thatched roof. You may have an idea here. I was looking at natural colored deer hair sold in fly fishing shops. The color is right, but couldn’t come up with something small enough to tie it in bundles. Even looked at two weight fishing line and 0-1weight when it was still out there. In country they used bundles tied together with rice straw and even seen them used old commo wire. Just whatever they could put their hands on.

Just unpacked my one. Brings back memories of an easy childhood. Airfix ANZAC fighting IJA Infantry. :grin:
The kit of course shows it age pretty good. Intended to be a toy, it has many setbacks compared with modern kits.
Box text: “Typical of the many structures and houses found on the Allied push trough Burma and South East Asia during WWII, this bamboo house is the perfect building for any Pacific theatre diorama. Suitable use as a base for Allied or Japanese troops, this dwelling is an accurate representation and suitable for use with Airfix 1:32 scale figures.”
The house is quite massive. 252mm in lenght, 208mm wide and 185mm high. Its a snap-kit with no detailing on the inside and some massive “hinges” for the shutters. Some filling is required since the poles are molded with openings on the backside.

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I knew it was on the larger side, but not quite that large. :flushed:. I may need to revisit my idea, and maybe even try to scratch build something a bit smaller. Oh well, back to pondering options​:thinking: