Airfix Schnellboot PE

I am looking for a PE set for the Airfix Schnellboot. The only PE for S boats that I have found is from the Revell S-100 class. Is there a PE set produced for the Airfix kit or will I just have to adapt the S-100 stuff?

Hi Grant,
There is no dedicated PE set for the old Airfix Eboat.You can probably use some
elements from a Schnellboot set but it will be minimal as these were 2 distinctly
2 different class of boats.

If you buy the AM set for Revell’s S-100, you may be losing more than you gain! The two boats have very little in common being a totally different class and different hull length. Detail for the torpedo launchers could be used, but that’s about it! An acquaintance of mine built this one: M o d e l W a r s h i p s . c o m - Gallery It is very accurate so can be used for reference. 3D printed replacement parts and weapons can be found on Shapeways, or scrounged from 1/72 military kits.

Hi Biggles50,
Thanks for linking that build in your post. When my computer crashed last year,
I lost all high res pics for that build.