Airfix Vintage Classic Beach Buggy 1/32 scale re released

or this…
washing of the mouse poo b
the body tub is a very straight molding, it needs a good colour
bodsy shell in metallic green
I had to strip down the rear suspension as I had the angles wrong, the suspension was too high.
main parts sub assemblies
but the body went on the floor really well when I had adjusted the rear suspension correctly.
chassis  body fit b

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the seats, windscreen, rear compartment cover, lights, dash and steering fitted up fine. The figures really make this kit a fun and 60’s icon build.
assembly completed a jpg
love that Union flag on the tail

I’ll take some more views of this in better light when I’ve done the sand beach base and wheelspins flying sand ect.
assembly completed


Are those EMPI rims on that chassis?

not sure if they are EMPI rims on the project beetle, they came with the rusty hulk I am slowly returning to the road, wasn’t planning to use them, except as restoration workshop wheels.

some more views of the Buggy in day light, still haven’t got around to making the sun, sea, sand base.
finished model in daylight b

finished model in daylight cjpg

finished model in daylight djpg
finished model in daylight ejpg

finished model in daylight a


Nice build, mine arrived yesterday. Surprisingly detailed for its age.

Regards Jason


I bought one of these too, only a tentative start so far as I’ve been occupied on some DIY project, but I needed a change from another tank…
The moulding does seem OK for an old kit, though a fair bit of filing and fettling has taken place already.

Your metallic green looks great, and the figures came out well, the sculpting of them is surprisingly good.

You mentioned replacing tyres, it would be nice to have treaded tyres, but I have no idea what others might fit.

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