Airplane jig stand recommend?

can anyone give some feedback on a good jig stand for painting to use with mainly 1/48th scale? maybe also for use with biplanes.

I could go lego or foam pieces, but I just wanted to hear about other options.

I haven’t used it yet but I got me one of these.


Thanks I will check them out.

Hi there

I’ve got several stands - all useful in their own ways. The JH Models stand is good for general tasks and painting, but I find the alignment can be knocked out true a bit too easily for very accurate work:

For biplanes, I haven’t found anything to beat the Aeroclub jig - but I’m not sure if it’s available these days:


I reviewed Tamiya’s Spray Work a while ago:

It’s useful, but really quite small for 1:48. A WWII fighter will just about fit on it, but it’s a struggle with anything larger - so much so, I rarely use it for aircraft modelling.

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Merlin I will look into those also. I can see my bi plane build causing me the most issue just in how to handle it while painting and rigging. The natural act of wanting to hold the edges on the wings of the plane is going to be an issue. I dont plan on doing many wheels down builds as I feel it completely takes away from the thoughts of flight.

Doing armor has been easier in planning painting.