AK 3G Acrylics Color Accuracy

I bought the USAF Vietnam (SEA) Scheme Kit, Part# AK11748 to paint my F100 Super Sabre in authentic colors. Long story short the two greens Forest Green and Dark Green when airbrushed on were so close to the same color as to be nearly indistinguishable and I have high acuity color vision. I have seen these aircraft in-situ in SVN and there was a real difference in the colors. Has anyone else had this problem and is there anything that can be done about it?

I’d attribute it more to the scale we work in and the lighting source being used. I noticed this too recently, I was doing a 2 tone grey scheme on an A10 using Mission Model paints. Once I applied not much of a difference. I repainted using some Vallejo I had on hand to do a 3 tone scheme and my greens looked a little ‘off’. I corrected what to my eyes looked off kilter by using oils in my weathering to modulate the colors. First time I really attempted to do that and it was a fun experiment and I was pleased with my results. So you might give that a try, selecting a lighter green for your lighter green and obviously a darker for the darker green. Apply small dabs and blend from the center outwards. I did mine over a clear lacquer coat so I could use mineral spirits to remove paint if I thought it was too heavy and that acts as barrier to protect my base acrylic layers. Maybe give that a try.

Will give it a try. The dark green on my model is very dark already, but if I mix a little black with it I should get some sort of result. Thanks very much for that, mate. Appreciate it.