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AK Interactive launches their second kit, a Panzer IV Ausf.D tropical version.

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Re-boxed Dragon.

Its the reboxed full of errors kit. And to sell it for around 75 US? That is absurd. Love the decals but not enough to justify throwing that much cash at a kit when i can wait for RFM or Takom, or even Academy to do one for 40% less cost. Nuts. Absolute nuts.

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AK and Mig need to stick with finishing products and leave the kits to manufacturers

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Definitely don’t want an additional copy of either DML6779 or DML6265 stinking up the shelf even if it’s in a nice AK box. Will wait until more information is available before getting interested.

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Maybe AK’s new Pz IV D Trop is based on the Dragon pz-kpfw-iv-ausf-d-dak-premium-edition kit that’s due in August 2022. It marks the return of Premium and the black card with all the goodies!

Dragon 6976 - 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D DAK (Premium Edition)

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It is rather illogical why AK released this kit? When it will be the same type from Dragon and with a bunch of accessories.

Otro refrito de AK, vendiendo como propio un Dragón, igual que hizo con el Puma. Nada nuevo bajo el sol.

Welcome to the forum @Fermin_Galarga Fermin. Always good see fresh faces.

Another AK rehash, selling a Dragon as his own, just like he did with the Puma. Nothing new under the sun.” (Google translate)

Yes, seems like that’s the case as we learn more.