AK Interactive paint and thinner

I recently got some AK Interactive acrylic paint. As I look at the box they speak of using their “special thinner” to thin the paint for airbrushing.

Does anyone know if only their “special thinner” can be used or is their any other product that can be used either modeling thinner or housepaint product?

I have no access to anyone near me that carries AK interactive paints or thinners and I would like not to have to order another product by mail.

I’m using AK real color and they thin great with Tamiya yellow cap lacquer thinner

Assuming you’re talking about their pure acrylics in the tiny dropper bottles, don’t use Tamiya thinner (or any of the other alcohol/lacquer based thinners). It’ll turn to a gummy mess.

I’ve used plain tap water to thin them for brush painting but sadly I’ve only used their branded thinner for airbrushing and only enough to decide I don’t like airbrushing water based acrylics.

Any other brand of thinner for water acrylics should work like Vallejo or Ammo as they’re very similar formulas. I’ve used Vallejo with AK no problem.

@Chris_Bryan uses a home brew thinner of 50/50 water and Future acrylic floor cleaner to spray craft acrylics. I don’t know if you have better access to Future (which has a bunch of names depending on where you live in the world) but might be worth the experiment.

I have made some break through on a paint formula I’ve been working on for 3 years and have thrown all the craft paint away.

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Are the interactive range similar to the RC range ? If so I bought a cellulose lacquer thinner thinner from a UK car accessories shop and it works a treat. Probably got 3 or 4 times the amount you get in the branded thinner they recommend and it was £7.50. It will also last ages due to the amount you get … And it airbrushes great with a nice easy flow and excellent coverage.

They’re completely different John.

The interactive range are “pure” acrylic (water based) the RC range are like Tamiya/Mr. Colour and solvent based.

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I’ve used AK, Tamiya, Vallejo thinners and tap water. They all seem to work.

Thanks to all of you. This has been very helpful.

Tamiya yellow cap…

Does it make any difference if your water is soft or hard