AK Or Vallejo

I have had no problem airbrushing Vallejo Model Air, old bottles benefit from Flow Improver, but I have found that the most recent ones I bought work perfectly fine out of the bottle.

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Vallejo. Model Air if you have an airbrush, Model Color if you don’t

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Model Color is excellent for hand brushing,but I have no problems at all airbrushing it using their thinner and flo improver,I mean not even a second thought.

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I hate them both. Vallejo is the only paint range of which I tossed my complete stock in the dustbin. It clogs the airbrush, has problem adhering to the surface … Most likely this is only my personal problem as some others seem to like it.

An other factor is that when I buy paint I want it to be a complete product. I have NO ambition making my own paints and to mess around with flow improvers, retarders, thinners … All variables that may lead to a ruined paint job and model.

I stick to Humbrol enamel, clean and simple; and to Alclad II enamels (although this seems to be off the market now?) straight from the bottle or with a drop of thinner.

I prefer to use a tested product that I am familiar with than to experiment and ruin the paint job.

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Neither do I, but then I have been using them for 20yrs. Someone starting out with them, I would just recommend the Model Air, as they are consistent throughout. Model color isn’t consistent when thinning as it depends on the color. Some require more or less thinning.

Model Air, 5 parts paint, 1 part thinner, and spray. Doesn’t get much easier.

Alclad : straight from the bottle :innocent:

I’m trying Vallejo Model Air for the first time on my A-20. I’ve only sprayed the neutral gray undersides so far. This was over a primer coat of MrSurfacer1500 Black which was lightly sanded.

My two observations so far are the feel of this stuff even after several hours is more rubbery than the Tamiya paint(and MrLeveling Thinner) I am used to using. I can’t speak for the toughness yet, but I used a flow improver and their thinner and was able to get it to work after a fashion.

It doesn’t seem to thin down as nicely as Tamiya paint making it harder to to do black basing (at least so far, this may be due to inexperience with Vallejo).

I’m hoping an overcoat of Tamiya clear will improve the strength of the finish and the feel.