AK Real Color number for an Elefant from Abt 653?

hi all, I would appreciate to hear your thoughts about what color should I use from AK Real Color. I open Pandora´s box hehehe. I know that color discussions are forever but I wonder if there is some light in this particular tank.

RC060 dunkelgelb? RC061 Dunkelgelb year 44?

I would go for the RC060 as always but being an 44 year vehicle I have this doubt.

Many thanks in advance.

I’d go with 060. They were upgraded after Kursk in October/November of 1943 and only designated as ‘Elefants’ in May 1944. I would lean towards them having been repainted in the prior shade when upgraded as that was available.

I would lean that way too. The upgrade include zimmerit, so I imagine a total repaint was required. I suspect they would have used the new standard unless a lot of older paint was kicking around

Thanks for the help.

I´ve done some tests and RC060 seems very palid for dunkelgelb. It´s not a saturated dark yellow, it´s very creamy or similar to buff.

Does anyone have used this AK Real Color? This is my first time with this brand and I have doubts.

Would like to hear more experiences. Thanks!

I have used it on several vehicles now and mine is a dark yellow. Perhaps you got a bum bottle?


AK Real Color has 4 variants of Dunkelgelb.


See which one works best for you.

AK Real Colors - Dunkelgelb… - RC Tank Warfare community hobby forum

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Thanks so much for the info!!! Great comparison. As the elefant was “zimmerited” after Kursk I should discard the Nach Muster RC059, right? Which is used until Kursk.

With this info the right color would be RC060 but it seems very palid for me so I tend to think that RC062 is the right one to use and is very similar to Tamiya XF60.

I think I will use RC062. What do you think?

From that photo, I would go with RC056 or 062.

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Although due to variance in monitor calibrations I cannot 100% vouch for the fidelity of the colors in this photo, these were all painted using the AK Reals. ‘523’ and the two yellow tanks in the foreground are all 060. The two in the back are early and late Afrika campaign colors.

‘523’ has also had a wash of Vallejo European Dust wash, which browned it out a bit but you can still see the dark yellow under it, especially in person.


Both tanks in the foreground look fantastic. A truly dungelgelb IMO. Incredible how different it look from my RC060 tone in a test part

Thanks for the info

In general they are great to use,they act the same as Tamiya paints.I thin them with regular lacquer thinner and they go down real nice with a hard finish no clogs and very low odor,and so many more colors then Tamiya.


Incredible how diferent are Tamiya XF60 (top) and RC060 (bottom)

They are so different you shouldn´t use RC060 as light tones for XF60

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The color palette on AK paints is much larger than the one for Tamiya. Plus, they behave almost exactly like Tamiya. I am currently transitioning from Tamiya to AK. I still have lots of Tamiya Acrylics left though.


I switched over completely to AK Real Colors and bought the whole line. I still have a few Tamiya stand bys, though, like dark iron and rubber black.

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