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Those, are cool!

Now we’re talking - a bit more esoteric Brit kit is always welcome; well done Michael!

In civilian clothes:

Well, that was quick. I didn’t expect the Snow-Trac for several weeks, what with Royal Mail and with Brexit (which also cascades to the Dutch Customs). But it got here in just 11 days.

The listed value on the label helped keep it out of the system, I think.

It looks very, very nice. I hadn’t expected it to be so finely and delicately molded. The drive sprockets are particularly very nicely designed and rendered.
The steering wheel is actually scale thickness. Going to have to be a bit careful there when removing the casting “stub” but it’s not a stub - he did something really clever there.
Almost nothing will need much cleaning up. What flash there is (and there isn’t much) is so thin it’s transparent. The tracks are scale thickness and their stubs are also small, thin and well placed.

Spotted just one bubble, verrrrry small, on the top of where the windshield will go but it will disappear by itself when I place the windshield - the glue will just run in and fill it.

Yes, very nice.
I will do my best to do it justice.


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