Alclad II paints

After any experience with these paints. My Mustang Mk.IV build is progressing and need to start considering the exterior paintwork. Not having any metallics for airbrush in my stash I have looked at the different brands and leaning towards Alclad II. Is there any difference between Alclad II and the mig bottled versions?

I typically use Tamiya in my airbrush as almost fall proof. I don’t want to have to contend with tip drying and the learnincirve typically associated to mitigate this so discounted acrylics. Why not tamiya metallics you will probably ask. Well their range of colours doesn’t look too inspiring in this area.

I’ve considered AK extreme metals but seen feedback that not that durable and rub off easily.

As I’ve said leaning towards Alclad but not completely closed off to alternative suggestions.

Alclad are fantastic! They go down really smooth. And spray wonderfully straight from the bottle. Make sure the surface they go on is really smooth though as they tend to highlight blemishes

This spinner was done with the aluminum

Some me-262 bits with duraluminum


Another thing to add is that Alclad II goes on best at LOW air pressure. Shake the bottle extremely well. You might also have to stir the paint in your airbrush after a while because the metallic pigment does settle fairly quickly. Also apply with multiple light layers.


Thanks for the responses both. Very nice Me-262 build @Mead93

Think I’ll get some Alclad ordered as local hobby shop doesn’t stock. Any suggestions on which colours? My intended scheme on the Mustang Mk IV is bare metal, but with two different tones. I think this is accurate and there was a reason Mustangs had this but can’t recall where I’ve seen it.

I’m thinking two contrasting tones of aluminium, plus a darker iron colour for the panel surrounding the exhausts - maybe magnesium as the steel looks a little too dark. However it’s somewhat hard to assess from websites so any working knowledge either of you have of specific colours would be welcome.

@BMoran my plan is to lay down black mr surfacer as primer. Not sure if floss back over would be necessary?

Thanks! I was very happy with it.

I would go with aluminum, magnesium and either airframe aluminum or duraluminum

I haven’t sprayed anything with magnesium yet so no example to show but people recommend it for those darker panels on the mustang.

I find this photo helpful for discerning the difference between each color

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Thanks @Mead93 thats a really useful colour guide. Magnesium, aluminium and dura-aluminium ordered. Also added jet exhaust as will need this for upcoming builds.

I think you’ll be quite happy with your purchase they are my go to metallic after being unhappy with tamiya metallics.

Post up when they arrive how the jet exhaust is. I might need to add that myself

Will do. Will dig out some leftover parts from built kits to have a play before using them on my current build.

Gloss black is only necessary if you want really shiny metallic finish such as chrome or stainless steel. For that, I’ve always used Tamiya gloss black. You should prime under Alclad II because it is a true lacquer as opposed to acrylic lacquers such as Tamiya X- XF- series, MR Color, and AK RC. If applied too thickly Alclad can craze the plastic. Gloss or semi-gloss both work for most of the aluminum colors. As to the colors, what has been mentioned by Mead93 are all good colors. You need to remember that the wings of Mustangs had the seams on their wings puttied and then the wings were overpainted with aluminum paint. The access panels for the wing armament, other small panels and I think the flaps were bare aluminum. I can’t remember which manufacturer - possibly Eduard - but I’ve seen top and bottom schematics on some instructions showing which areas were aluminum paint and which were bare metal.

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@BMoran thankyou for the response. Your explanation about seems being putties and painted was what I could vaguely recall, but not in any detail. The Eduard kit does indeed show which panels were painted and which bare metal etc.

Once the paints arrive I will have a play over me surfacer black primer as well as over gloss X-1 to see what different tones I can get and which therefore should go where.

Had a test with the Alclad’s and they laid down beautifully. There is a very subtle different between aluminium, dura-aluminium and magnesium (lightest to darkest). I found tone varied a lot depending on what I was laying them over.

Aluminium over (left to right), grey Mr surfacer 1500, black Mr surfacer 1500 and black gloss (tamiya x1):

Dura-aluminium, same order of primers left to right.

Magnesium with same order of primers left to right.

To directly compare the colours, left to right over grey Mr surfacer 1500: magnesium, dura-aluminium and aluminium

Lastly jet exhaust over the same variety of primers left to right. Jet exhaust seems to have a black base with a subtle gold hue that accurately depicts annealed metal. It would probably overlay other metallics in the range nicely.


You can also mix them for more variation. Depending on the subject, I’ve used different primers (i.e. gloss black, flat grey, etc.) on a given model to accentuate parts. There is some trial and error involved.
Or more to the point, trial and huh, that’s interesting.

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I find the glossiest black base possible really helps Alclad lay down flat. Mr. Color GX2 or Stynylrez Gloss Black Primer - which I found out was much glossier than Mr. Surfacer Black 1500.

If I was doing a nice NMF aircraft or something I’d take the time to polish it first.

Mr surfacer can go down a tad flat, but you can polish it to a nice glossy finish with a eye glass cleaning cloth!

Do these Alclad colors brush on ok? Reason I’m asking is I have some Abrams 120 rounds that have aluminum casings I think or some combination there of.

No. Alclad is incredibly thin. It doesn’t brush well at all.

For brush painting I’d recommend an acrylic like Vallejo Metal Colors or even better Pro Acryl metals.

Ok thanks Colin I thought so.