Alfa 8C2300 Roadster. My thoughts and info reqd guys

Got a lovely surprise when the kit showed up as I didnt think the missus had took the hint. :slight_smile:

So I’m stepping out my usual comfort zone, wanted to do something big and impressive.

A shame Italeri skimped a bit on detail, the engines sadly lacking some prominent features some of which oddly enough are shown on the line drawings in the instruction booklet… Left me wondering if the Monza Kit had a different engine in it?

So I’m wondering if anyone can help with links to walk arounds or photosets and or details of the vehicle and its components. The seats so basic, the internals rather sketchy on the kit and a lot of body fasteners and such seem to have been forgotten. What I have found trawling around has been a great help so far.

It was meant to be an OOB build apart from the spare wheel strapping but things got out of hand rather quickly once I spotted a few omissions and shortcuts. Meng nuts and bolts have come to my aid too.

Also anyone know of any upgrades detail wise out there at all?

Many thanks. Keep safe and be well guys and girls.


I’ve been toying with the idea of buying one of those kits, but your assertation of the kit is as I suspected. I’m looking forward to following your build.

As for help with info other then google searches, I’m at a loss to point you in any direction. With respect to any AM, I’d check Spot Models and then ebay.


I checked Hiroboy, but they have no AM other than the Monza rosso by Zero paint.

Hello Keith -
I’ve been thinking of getting this one myself, so will follow with interest. My son and I had the pleasure of seeing the real thing demonstrated by a Danish collector. That sound of that engine! Sounds like a contemporary racing car.


There is a guy on eBay from Portland IIRC that offers hand built wire wheels with resin tires and a transkit to make a different body style - sorry I don’t have a link but if you search eBay for 1/12 Italeri Alfa Romeo 8c it should come up .

I’ve done a lot of work. Got to say if you build OOB and arent too bothered about accuracy it looks great but if you are then its rather sad that Italeri didnt go the extra mile and take more of a Tamiya approach as they could have done something stunning. So much has been over simplified or just done wrong. Some I’ve changed some I left realising too late things like the left hand rear engine mount is nothing like real. This will be hidden by the exhaust & lower panel to a big extent but the work I did upgrading the left engine side may be lost if I decide to keep the bonnet closed that side.

I’m not after a perfect replica but something that looks right at first glance. But the trouble is once you start modding things it kinda snowballs. The red plastic is vaguely translucent and is bloody awful but not as hard to cut and tweak as silver. LOL Moan over. I will try to post a few progress shots so far but a lot of what I’ve done is painted already.

Cheers Keith

Correcting auto correct- my above post should read “ Portugal “ , not “ Portland “ . I hate auto correct .
The vendor is Fernando Pinto - FFP Modelo .
eBay handle may be crazycar19 or something like that.

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I’ll have a look, maybe they may do a few other things like sparkplugs that look like sparkplugs.