AliExpress in EU, JZ Hobby Store ? Any experience?

Hi friends. I was looking for some parts and this EU vendor popped-up. Anyone have experience working with them?
Thank you!

I’m not sure aliexpress is an EU company but I have used them and they were fast and efficient.

Thank you very much. If not EU, where did your order come from may I ask?

@DaveBob I think it came from china

Haha haha!! China!!?? Where in the world did I get the EU? Oh my. May I ask how the shipping time was with you?

@DaveBob honestly I can’t remember but it did arrive before the quoted delivery date but our national postal service, Royal Mail or as I call it Royal Fail isn’t very reliable as our local sorting office was shut down due covid out break, so it’s all agenc6 staff working there.



Thank you, Klaus. I appreciate the information. Ali seems to have very good prices, most of the China-sales on eBay are saying up to two months for delivery. I don’t know if the couple US dollars are worth the wait! I am a cheap man when it comes to modeling because there’s little value to them, but I don’t know if I want to wait two months. Yikes!


I ordered an airbrush recently and turn around time was under three weeks and it did get shipped from China.
The lengthy shipping most generally is not due to shipping from China, but is most likely getting a package through US Customs and then on to the US Pony Express ! Good luck, hope this helps.

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Thank you, sir!! I appreciate your assistance. I agree that most of the delays are US-related in one way or another. That dang virus has really wrecked havoc worldwide and here at home.

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I’m not sure what you will be buying but some of the 1/35 figures are knock offs m, most of the time they are good quality but occasionally there are bad ones.
top tip, if they are significantly cheaper or made from lilac coloured resin then they are probably not originals.

Thank you, Klaus. I’m just looking at a couple armor kits. I’ll watch out for the lilac colored resin, though.

I’m from France and I bought a kit in China 3 days ago. The rules have changed since 1st of July for what comes to EU ( from China or UK ). OK man ! I’ve heard that story so many times.
But the fact is that I bought on Ebay and the website charged me VAT ( the VAT is collected by Ebay ). I just hope I will have no additionnal fees ( like custom fees or if they make a mistake not considering I already paid )…

Hello JF from France! Nice to meet you. Yes, eBay is now charging we citizens in the US taxes on top of shipping fees. It never stops! Seems the governments keep taking money from the citizens every way they can. I wouldn’t mind if the money they took was spent wisely. Sometimes it is, but sadly sometimes NOT. Regards, Dave