All are past and gone Tiger 1 in North Africa by Joe Lo | Armorama™

"All are past and gone" Tiger 1 in North Africa, 1943, a stunning piece of work from the skilled hand of modelling friend Joe Lo

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Wow stunning job there! The Tiger looks excellent as do the figures. I do like the heavy weathering job on it. Love the sand dune that falls away to one side of the base. Striking look to it. Beautiful

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That’s a stunner right there. Love the way the base is shaped but particularly the way the sand and earth is finished- it looks very realistic just like a wind-blown stretch of desert road. The way the tones of the tank, ground and figures combine is just beautiful.

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An absolute work of art

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What a great example of weathering. It really brings out the detail…

Great job.

“Like sands through the hourglass…”

Very, very nice! A rare example of the intersection of art and craft where the quality of the work is equal to the imagination and idea.