All of the User Tutorials

Hey Gang,

I know I saw several users tutorials in my in box when I joined this site but where can I find them now? Is there are section that has all of them together? I am asking as I have invited several Real Space modeled to join here and be part of Real Space category. Thanks in advance!

There is an bot-driven “onboarding” process where you get messages with tasks to perform.
Features become available with increased membership “level” so explaining a not yet
available feature is rather pointless.

There is some hints and leads in this thread:

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Cool. Thanks Robin. I was just reading about the trust level and user tips blog to share infor. I did mentioned to the individuals about discobot.

Disco disco good good :laughing: no :flushed: to much…ah forget bout it.

Once you have passed the bot led tutorial you become
disco-qualified …

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Let’s hope it’s not too much disco for our new comers! :grin:

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Never too much Disco… :dancer::man_dancing:

—mike :grin: