"All Scales 2021". Model show in St.Petersburg,Russia

Greetings,friends! Yesterday was a markable day. First live Model show in St. Petersburg after COVID quarantine. We usually have two exhibitions,this is the third one. So it is newest show in a city and perhaps most perspective. I believe in it. That’s why there are not great amount of models. COVID and new show are the main reasons. I hope next year we will back to normal life and there will be another show with more participants and models. I can mark good quality of the models. I post some photos. Not all mine but I don’t think that authors will be against of this. My non-painted models nomination was out of contest.


Also I want to introduce a really fantastic work of Vladimir Istoshin. He has made two YAK-1 in 1\16 scale for Litvyak movie. You can see them there.


Some great builds.

Good to see all this stuff “live” again!
Some interesting and good looking builds there.

Great models. Thank for sharing this.

Nicely done Supacat Jackal !

Some very skilled modellers showing some exceptional work. Great to see them posted here. Thank you Artyom.

Great! Thanks for sharing!

Fantastic work on show there Artyom- love that beautifully painted Panda Hobby T-15!

Good to see you can hold a contest again, and great models there. Thanks for sharing the images!

Thank you,friends! I hope I can post more photos later when will have them.

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those are some amazing builds, thank you for showing them to us and that there are still some model shows still going ahead around the world.