Allied aircrafts over Hungary

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Do you happen to know any source where I can find info about allied fighters and attack aircrafts over Hungary? Maybe preferably downed ones as that pretty much is a hard proof for being there. Also should have reference photos.
For P-51B I know that QP-W, Serial No. 42-0106650, piloted by Lt Thomas Sharp was shot down over Budapest. I have a photo of the plane itself and the pilot too.
For P-38J there is #85, Serial No. 42-104105, “Jackie”, piloted by Lt Mitchell S. Cwiek. There is a photo of the downed craft and one taken in an airfield. But the “Jackie” noseart is pretty hard to replicate for a model and there are no decals for it, so it would be nice to find an other one.

Do you have some others perhaps? For P-47 I have found no evidence even though there were plenty flying over the country. Spitfires, Typhoons, Mosquitos? No idea about them being there…

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According to one website didn’t seem like they US/Brit side did much in Hungary after the initial attacks but research the 15th AF in the MTO from April to July 1944. I think after that the Allied Russians had the operational area and it would be whatever they were using.

Some links to research.


The main types used by the USAAF over Hungary were the B-17, B-24, P-38, P-47 and P-51. The RAF deployed Halifaxes, Liberators, Wellingtons and Mosquitos. The Spitfire was an interceptor, the Typhoon a fighter-bomber; they both lacked the range to reach Hungary from their bases in Italy.

Thanks Tank_1812. AFAIK the USAF used 3,336 bombers with 7,475 metric tons of bombs only against the capital Budapest. (Berlin got 22,090 tons.) Ralph Kidd Hofer’s P-51 got shot over Budapest but managed to reach Mostar, Bosnia where he crash landed. So there was quite a fight over Hungary. It is known what types Hungarian and German pilots shot down over Hungary but it is less known whom those US pilots were.

I’m going to check those sites thanks.

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Oh yes, sorry for mentioning Spitfires and Typhoons. So because of the size of the models I have place to build, I wish to know data of P-47s, P-38s and Mosquitos over Hungary. SNs, photos etc would be nice. Is there a database of MIA, KIA pilots of USAF and RAF? I have found nothing unfortunately.

I would check out the official websites (if they have one) of the following units of the 15th AF that operated P-38s and P-47s:

1st FG (P-38)
14th FG (P-38)
82nd FG (P-38)
154 WRS (P-38)
325th FG (P-47)
332nd FG (P-47)

Okay, so far I’ve managed to find two P47D-s shot down over Hungary.
Richard K. Malloy, 318FS with a/c s/n 42-75651
Richard H. Mock, 317FS with a/c s/n 42-75643

Strangely markings are not known for the aircrafts. Mock’s craft was found, the gerdarmerie captured him, the report is known about the arrest. Mock was POW and returned to the US in May 1945. He’s lived at least until the 1960s. Still no other info or photo of the aircrafts :frowning: