Allies Zimmerit

I was looking into zimmerit to add to my tank I will be building soon. (When it gets here) The problem is that it is a Sherman and I’m not a historian but I can’t find an account of where they used it. That said, what is going on in this picture? Thanks everyone.
sherman zimmerit

I remember that picture! In another forum, a user claims it was a post war Zimmerit trial conducted by the French. That roughly jibes with my very distant memory of the subject.

Edit: The picture was colorized for a book: British Zimmerit, Anti-Magnetic Mine and Camouflage Coatings 1944 to 1947 by Andrew Hills (Review of book on YouTube).

Edit: Here is the book on Amazon. As best I can tell, the colorized picture does not appear in the book.

Edit: Here is a YouTube video of the artist colorizing the picture for Mr. Hills. (Colorization Process)

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Thanks allot, talk about providing information needed!