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Here are 3 new figures from Alpine Miniatures!

All in 1/35 Scale

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Something’s wrong. No photo and I got a 404 on the link.

does that work ?

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Yes! Many thanks John. Beautiful figures as always.

Link fixed, thanks for informing

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They look :eyes: miserable :joy:

Combat IS miserable!

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Beautiful figures as usual. And finally a set of figs from the 761st Tank battalion, if I’m correct.
I don’t if anyone ever made them but you used to have to use a head from hornet or something to get an African American soldier.


Yes true but I am just making a light Hearted observation .:microscope::upside_down_face:
Some happy crew


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Very true !

Great to have these « Black Panthers » available Out of the box ! And the additional head with the French helmet is a great excuse to buy a second set :wink: