Alpine Miniatures: Schwimmwagen Crew Set | Armorama™

In the works at Alpine Miniatures is a 1/35 scale set of figures for use with a Schwimmwagen. Coming soon!

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I really like the youthfulness of the faces reflecting the realities of late war German army.

I wonder if Alpine is going to 3d printing.

Taesung, those are fantastic! And I, too, like the youthful faces! Keep up the good work!

Remarkably crisp. These depict the soldiers from the photos taken in Rots of the aufflkarung (recon) company 15 of panzer grenadier regiment 25. They’ll work perfectly for any Summer SS unit from very late Summer 1943 through wars end. The faces are amazing. I’d love to see more companies do what’s done here and depict faces in the 16-20yr old range. Great job!

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Just one word to describe theses Figures: Sublime. Excellent as always.