Alpine US tanker 1/35 -

Originally planned as a quick project, I ended up creating a complex base of captured German anti tank weapons/ammo that would have been a threat to the tanker.
AFV Club 88mm boxes and tubes, Pak 40 75mm box and a lot of panzerfausts and their boxes from Miniart.

Bit of a jigsaw puzzle…


I like the base idea and how it has turned out so far. :+1:

Those ammo boxes look excellent already lol! Can’t wait to see the fig!

Well, some progress. These Miniart panzerfausts do have a lot of decals.


Quick progress…/the base is taking 10 times longer than the figure.
Two days painting to get the figure to this stage.


Rob that looks fantastic! The work you put into the base was well worth it. The figure looks excellent. Reminds me of Calvin Tans work. He puts a lot into his bases which really enhances the overall appearance of the figure.

Cheers Richard. Yes, very much influenced by Calvin’s work. He’s aware I’m stealing his OTT base ideas and approves as well! :rofl:

Love Calvin’s work. And it’s nice you spotted the similarities

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Looks great. What colors did you use on the tanker?

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It was mostly Vallejo Khaki, with some brown and green added for the overalls, and a bit of light blue added for the jacket. But very small amounts

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And he’s finished….

About 3 weeks to do, with only 3 days on the figure. There’s 34 decals in this piece


Thanks. I like that look of the same but different.

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Rob, That came out very nicely. I love the presentation!


Your work really is very reminiscent of Calvin’s- same attention to detail both on the bases and the figures.

Really good result there Rob. Looking forward to the next one!

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Top notch, Rob, well done! Would you mind to do a tutorial from start to finish of painting a 1/35 figure using acrylics?


Superb work, love the scene!

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I’ve recently been doing an online workshop where I’ve been painting a figure in a live stream for a charity, but because it’s a charity, it’s been private.

But have been considering doing a video or two for YouTube.

This is the figure I’ve been painting, all has been done on camera.


Noice! What colors did you use for the uniform?

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There is a reason I don’t do figures. Your work is my level of expectation. My final product looks more like a third graders painting project.


Love this figure. It’s next on my list for the campaign so, I’m watching this thread closely. Keep it going Rob, you’re doing a cracking job!