Alternative Sci-Fi and Alternative History

Hi all, I know it’s not really ‘what we do’ here but last year when I decided to join the Sci-Fi and Alternative History campaign I kit bashed a humvee. Soon after I changed my mind and went with the walker diorama I made. I finally decided to do something with the humvee and here it is. Hope you all are doing well.

Thanks for having a look and being such a great community.


That is one wild looking dio! Really like all the weird beasts- particularly the gore around several parts and that massive spider looking thing in the corner. The Hummer looks class too- you’ve chosen the upgrades to it nicely- quite futuristic looking!

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Thanks. I’m glad you like it. :grinning:

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Looks really good but if you ever do another dead spider note that they curl their legs inward towards the abdomen when dead.

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But they can go very flat when stomped. :spider:


—mike :grin:

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Not if you have wolf spiders and thick carpet.

Unless you enjoy cleaning carpet.

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