Alternatives to Friulmodel

I’m tracking the site published a quick piece on Friulmodels going out of business, as of now it doesn’t seem like they are shipping anything from the homepage of the company. I expect that eBay will be loaded with some of the tracks kits for twice the price for awhile. My question to everyone is this; is there an alternative to friulmodel metal tracks? I’m aware of a few different plastic track resin sets but my hope is that there are some other equivalent companies that will either pop up or that i just haven’t been made aware of yet.

Aliexpress is full of chinese companies that produce tracks sets similar to Friul. If you are looking for a specific type of tracks maybe we can help you locate a dealer.


The two companies that I use are R-Model and SanXin. I find SanXin tracks are made with a sturdier metal alloy that takes AK Interactive Track Blackening fluid really well, actually blackening the tracks while R-Model alloy actually rusts under the blackening fluid, which works good on some models.


My M51 Sherman has R-Model metal tracks… They’re really close to what Friul tracks are.


@gtdeath13 currently just looking for alternatives. I am building a StuG III B that’ll need better track than the ones that came with it.

@SableLiger how easy are those to get in the states, i have a few M51 kits that’ll need tracks and i honestly enjoy building the metal and using the burnishing fluid.

Ebay for the most part. Though most come out of China. There’s an outfit out of Oz that I’m using that has proven reliable for me.

BNA Model World | Plastic Model Kits, Paints, Hobby Tools

Sadly, the M51 tracks are currently out of stock at their website.

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@SableLiger ill check out BNA and start digging more into it. BNA has been a good source for me in the past, just means i need to plan my projects out ahead of time.