Amber paint

I’m currently building an M1142 TFFT, a HEMTT variant, and there’s a ton of amber running lights on it. It occurred to me that among my hundreds of bottles of paint, I don’t have amber paint. I didn’t think anyone made amber paint - a search just turned up Testors makes an acrylic “Turn Signal Amber”. Guess I’m getting a bottle of that. Does anybody make a clear amber?

The Testors one is a “clear” paint. It looks just like amber-tinted plastic/glass once applied. I have used it for years.

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Thanks Gino. Just what I wanted to hear!

Humbrol also makes a clear orange paint in their line. It’s in their 1300 series numbers of paints.

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If you like working with TAMIYA, they make X26 which is clear orange
and represents the amber lights quite well.


Tamiya also make a clear orange that should also work.

@Stikpusher @Grauwolf @Armorsmith Thanks for the suggestions guys. :beer:

I’ve still got a bottle of Testor’s Model Master “Turn Signal Amber Metallic”. It will probably outlive me!

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If the plastic is clear, just apply Tamiya Clear Orange and you’re done. If the plastic is some opaque color, paint the lens chrome silver, then overcoat with Clear Orange.