Ambitious diorama - In Flight MH-6M

Good morning everyone, as the title says this is a somewhat ambitious diorama plan I have. I plan on a suspended MH-6M from the ground using a cable as a fast rope line. I think I’ve found the right gauge cable to mimic a rope. However I would also like a slow rotational motor to spin the rotors. Battery operated preferably. Any suggestions for the motor would be greatly appreciated or if you would like to shoot a few rounds in my plan, I’m always ready to change and rethink. Thanks.

Sounds good. A suspended helo is always a cool dio. For the motor, you can go with a small motor from a toy car or other small, battery-operated motor. You can either use smaller batteries, or a resistor in-line to slow it down. The issue is the tail rotor, esp. on an MH-6 as it is really small w/nowhere to add a gearbox in the tail. I did it many years ago w/a 1/32 scale Cobra. I used a rubber band and some pulleys for the tail rotor.