American aircraft in France 1944

I recently came across this photo of a captured schwimmwagen and a P38 at an airfield in France. I’d like to replicate it but intend to swap the p-38 for a different aircraft due to size and budget constraints. Plus I can’t find a p-38 in stock. Instead, Trumpeter’s 1/32 P47 caught my eye. The important question is therefore did thunderbolts operate from airfields in France or were they flown exclusively from England?


I’m not an expert on the P-47 but I can’t find any evidence they were. I know some were based in Italy and North Africa and I think if the search shows that it would certainly show any results concerning France beyond those in French service post-war.

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The 368th FG of the 9th AF was the first unit equipped with P-47s that was deployed to France, as early as 19 June 1944, followed later by many other Thunderbolt units (mostly those of the 9th AF).


US Army Air Corps P-47 D-11-RE #42-75329 Thunderbolt fighter “Miss Second Front” (piloted by Louis Vieck) of 395th Fighter Squadron / 368th Fighter Group / 9th Air Force getting some maintenance at a makeshift A-3 airfield in the French countryside following the invasion of Normandy, August 1944

16 P-47’s of the 395th FS, 368th FG took off from their airfield at Chilbolton, England at 0520 on June 6th, 1944 for the first of many sorties on this famous day. Only 7 days later on June 13th the 368th FG started utilizing ALG A-1 & a few days later A-3 to re-arm & re-fuel their P-47’s. On June 19th at ALG A-3 near Cardonville, France the 368th FG was the 1st group to become permanently stationed and operational from France. The group would remain at A-3 until August 23rd when they moved to A-40 near Chartres, France.This picture was made by LIFE magazine’s photographer Frank Scherschel.

Another view of Miss Second Front

The A-3 airfield was also used by P-38 units…