American Heritage Museum

This past Saturday, my model club took a field trip to Hudson, Massachusetts, USA, to visit the American Heritage Museum. This 65,000 square foot museum houses 85 vehicles of the Jacques Littlefield collection. All of the vehicles are correctly restored to factory fresh condition, inside and out. To see what they have there, visit here:
We spent the entire 7 hours they are open there and the staff had to escort us out. I shot 575 photos but by rough estimate I would have to spend 45 hours there to decently document everything. The vehicles are just beyond description so I won’t even try. If you have any interest in armor, I suggest you make whatever trip necessary to spend a day or two there. It is more than worth the trip. I am just blown away. A very few photos -


Looks like a nice place! Are they going to repaint the Matilda II to eliminate the blue color?

No. It’s grey. It’s in Caunter.

You were there, I wasn’t but it sure looks like blue on my computer screen… at their site too.

BTW they have tank rides!!!

Sounds like an excellent visit and a fantastic museum!


I’ve made two trips there. The museum is excellent - except for the goofy blue and yellow overhead lighting. It distorts the colors on the vehicles and makes some of them hard to see and even harder to photograph.


Don’t forget this new museum in Wyoming

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