Amk mig-31

Did anyone here already make this kit?

I have it in my stash (sigh… too many planes) and I wonder if anyone made it with the engine bays open? It seems such a pity to build those engines and to hide them in the fuselage.

I’m building this kit but with it closed up.

I have two kits. The upgraded one and a standard kit. They are actually two different airframes (look similar to me). I can see them, but it will take me quite awhile to get my hands on them

Hai, we all seem to have bought the kit … and are not getting around to build it.

A bit strange, this was one of the most commented kits on the market some time ago and still, it seems that very few get build

I see a few on Fakebook, but have to agree with you. They seem to be a great kit. Dealers won’t carry their inventory, so you are stuck with buying on the internet. Clearly a superior grade kit, but also has a couple minor kinks to be ironed out. One of them is some weld beads that I figure to be roughly .008" wide or less. (two human hairs wide) Always felt this was the kit of the year when it hit the market, and by a wide margin.

Still I think they picked the wrong subject. I have always felt the MIG25 was where you start. (Russian aircraft). Their Tomcat was not to my taste (nor was Tamiya’s), and think they missed the boat by not doing an A10c or F100d. Tomcats are everywhere, and nobody has done a perfect one (including Tamiya). Had they decided to do an F111, they’d had a license to print money!

Good points, Gary.

However, manufacturers should be rewarded for bringing less popular subjects to the market instead of ignored. We seem to invite manufatcurers to play it safe and repeat the same 20 or so subjects.

I see plenty of posts on this forum (and the wider internet) of people asking "please please please, make us a new Bucanneer/…/…/… in 1/48 scale.

When a manufacturer replies to these calls then they are sadly left aside? while the majority keeps buying the xxth spitfire or BF-109. Now I read that there is yet another manufacturer bringing a Fouga Magister on the market (and we already have AMK and Kintetic), and I know a Belgian manufacturer that is scheduling a 1/32 Fouga as well.

As fro Russian aircraft. I have a MIG-15, 17,19 and 21 in the display case. Next should have been a 23 but for god knows what reason I seem to dislike that thing ???. I also have a MIG-29 almost finished but it is stuck in the decal department (Academy, you know).

I do have a AMK foxhound and start looking into it :slight_smile:

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I liked their MIG31, and can recommend it to everybody. It was the kit of the year when it hit the market by a wide margin. Their Tom Cat isn’t one tenth as bad as the fan boys like to claim, but also not for me. Had they done a 1/48th F100d as good as the MIG or Tomcat; they’d have a license to print money! I’d own three or four kits! A really nice MIG15 or 17 is a logical step, and there are no good ones out there. Or better yet a serious move into F86 Sabers. Buyers would come out of the wood work to get them. Just a Canadair Saber alone would have kept their molding machines busy for a long time

Just like me you are begging manufacturers to diversify instead of competing on the same kit.

It appears there are +/- 1400 different Spitfire kits on the market? And against that, not a single NH-90 helicopter in 1/48 scale?