Ammo Atom Paint

Scalehobbyist just got in the entire Atom paint line from Ammo by Mig. $3.59 for a 20 ml bottle, so a good price and low shipping. For those that use acrylics, I have read reviews of this paint, all excellent, and it airbrushes and brush paints equally exceptionally.


Will definitely keep an eye open and try.


Got the US Fighter Jet and Luftwaffe sets and must say VERY impressed with both . Mig did their homework with this paint ! Straight out of the bottle it sprays and lays down very nice . Brush painting it’s just as impressive . Adheirs to the surface very well and doesn’t peel off when taped over . Color match is great as well IMO . Clean up is super easy as well . They are supposed to be releasing sets for RAF and ANA as well . I use the Mig thinner when thinning and for clean up any Acrylic thinner . Lastly it’s Oderless !!! Finally a Acrylic that sprays like Laquer .