Ammo How to Paint Modern US Military Sand Scheme | Armorama™

A complete 60-page guide with step-by-step tutorials that explains how to create the sand scheme on modern US Military vehicles.

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It should be titled “How to Artistically Weather and Finish Sand Vehicles”. Painting is easy, spray it w/sand paint. It focuses on the “Spanish Method” of artistic finishing, not realistic at all. To each their own though.

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It’s focused on what and how to use their paints and products. I got the ‘How to paint USAF&Navy fighters’ the last week, and after taking a look, it’s basically a guide of the steps to follow and what of their products use. It also has some tips about drying times, percents of mixing, etc. For a quick view or for someone clueless like me, could be useful.

While I agree the “Spanish Method” in general is not realistic for a operational US military vehicle this book does not appear to me to be representative of the method in the images shown, it is much more muted and realistic to modern US military vehicles and I am not going to use the well known heavily weathered Marine M1A1, those methods can be seen stateside last year on a Guard tank and if country OIF/OEF would work even better.

Yes, I agree: the title is somewhat misleading, and one needs to take the “guide” with some grain of salt. Especially, I find too much rust on M1’s in the desert environment.

I don’t even know there was a ‘Spanish Method’ :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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It’s however you model. :joy::joy:

As I recall it started with the extreme weathering Spanish modelers like Mig Jimenez started years ago. At least in the US, it was termed the Spanish Method.

It’s easy… paint it sand….

It’s good to know that we have spanish paella, spanish flamenco and spanish… method!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I do particullary like the finish that Ammo team gives to the models, aircrafts mainly. It’s true that you can get amazing results with their products. Rust and oxides looks superb if you know how to use them.

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