Ammo T54/55/62 light guard and light set

anyone seen these ? any idea if they are better then say the current kit provided parts

No idea. But I’ve never seen the need for those when a little annealed brass wire works fine. I even have a little jig I made out of resin that makes getting the correct curve a breeze.

I believe it’s the FC modeltrend stuff relabled for Ammo. They usually only ever show CAD images of the stuff & what I’ve seen photos of didn’t look that great.

I’d be interested in seeing the jig you made and any tips on how to make it.

Personally, I think the FC/Ammo sets and specifically the lights/guards are decent sets. I know I can scratchbuild new brush guards easily enough, but I think these are a good time saver alternative.

is the jig you speak of your own design ?

thanks I will check out a set

I think a jig milled to the correct shape with grooves for plastic or metal rod would be terrific with all the T-55 types around it might sell wishfull thinking I guess

Robert I to would be very interested in seeing this jig & any sbs on how to make one?