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Ammo presents the ultimate tool for bending photoetched parts, rods, and metal parts with total precision.

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Looks like a nice bit of kit, but “ultimate” is too far.

I don’t know, for 110 Euro it better be the ultimate in PE benders! Double or more then the double the cost of PE benders from RP Toolz and others. But it sure looks cool!

“Ultimate tool for bending photoetched parts”? Hardly. You can’t copy the Hold N’ Fold, add some notches (that are useless for making handles in 1 step!) and color it Ferrari red and call it ultimate. $135 - ultimate price! That’s outrageous. I’d say 90% of the time I don’t even use a folding tool, I fold all of my PE with Xuron smooth nosed pliers. When I need a folding tool I do 99% of my folding on a Hold N’ Fold Bug, $40 -

Now, if you want to see the TRUE ultimate PE bender, I give you the Ausfwerks Fenderbender, which I was lucky enough to get ahold of when they came out in 2006. It is an engineering masterpiece and a true bending brake -


This looks a lot like the DSPIAE bender which is less expensive and a decent piece of kit although I find it is rather big, bulky and heavy.

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Despite you may consider that “ultimate” is a bit of excessive, it is true that it has a couple of features not usually find on other similar benders, being the integrated ruler and the possibility of making handles. Also its size, good for large parts like mudguards or big boxes, means you do not need any other.

In any case, it is always good to have options to choose from :slight_smile: