Amphibious Armour!

Came across these pics on another site and thought they were interesting.


I think that those vehicles need longer snorkels for amphibious ops… :wink:

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Haha yeah…Third amphibious shock army!! Certainly would be a shock to see those run again.

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Good for deeper insights than Panzer of the Lake’s

This post belongs in the ‘ship’ category, under ‘submarines’

and there was me thinking this was the Russian’s black sea fleet…oh I’m gonna get burned at the stake for that one. :yum:

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These are all part of dive sites off Aqaba Jordan in the Red Sea. Great photography too.

I was thinking either Jordanian or Omani Chieftains but once you can see their rear ends you can see they are Khalids. A few more pics now I know where it’s at.

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Markus Schwery did a very nice dio of the Duster a few years ago.

More can be seen here:


Few options out there…

I’m a bit biased on this one, because I’m from Puerto Rico and it’s a very popular attraction…


There’s a couple of derelict M4A3E8 Shermans at Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island. Painted in very colorful “camouflage”.



USMC M4A2 Sherman; Saipan.

More modern stuff, like an M-113A2 APC, which are located offshore in New jersey.


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