AMPS 2022 Show Announcement - The End is Here

Fellow armor modelers,

Yes, the end is here. The end of the long wait for the AMPS 2022 International Convention has finally concluded along with my AMPS 2022 show announcements. Now that’s a double bonus for you all. It’s been 2 years without an AMPS International convention and now in less than 4 days AMPS will be hosting the largest armor modeling show in North America this year. For those attending the show, Godspeed, fair winds, clear skies and smooth roads for however you are traveling to the show. For you shoppers, make sure you’ve got plenty of cash or raised your credit card spending limit because there’s going to be lots of cool stuff to buy plus the famous AMPS raffle table will be loaded with all kind of excellent items that are sure to please.

For those who pre-registered, please review, then print out your registration forms and bring them with you to the show. While a printer may be available on-site, AMPS registration and show teams will be relying on it over the weekend, meaning you may need to wait to get your registration forms printed out. For those arriving on Thursday, track down some AMPS show team members and volunteer some time to help wherever needed. And as a reminder, there will be a Judge’s Certification Class in the afternoon and 1 judging shift scheduled for Thursday night. It will really help get the show off to a great start if we can fully staff both shifts with judges.

All AMPS attenders, be advised, there are two free WiFi signals at the hotel. The main one covers the guest rooms and possibly the lobby and restaurant. The other signal covers the conference center. Each attendee will receive a swag bag containing information about local restaurants, points of interest and other good things to know during your stay. Enclosed in these swag bags will be a business card that provides the WiFi login for each area of the hotel.

There is still time to sponsor a category or two for this year’s show. Contact Frank Froment, AMPS Marketing Director, at as soon as possible.

There are still plenty of judging shifts needing filled for Friday and Saturday. Two shifts gets you a free AMPS 2022 Show crew tee-shirt and, with the huge number of entries, we can really use all the help we can get.

Safe travels everyone!

Till the first AMPS 2023 Show announcement,

Model On!


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