AMPS 2023 Show Announcement - Sunglasses, suntan lotion and a beach chair

With the holidays fast approaching, 2022 will soon be in the rearview mirror. It’s not too early to start looking ahead to the AMPS International Convention, May 4 - 6, 2023, at the Penn Harris Hotel, in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

In addition to the usual categories, the AMPS 2023 show theme “The Pacific” is open to any model, figure, vignette or diorama that fought in a Pacific campaign from 1940 to 2022. For the purposes of this theme, we will define “The Pacific” as any theater of conflict from Burma in the west, to Hawaii and the US west coast in the east, and from Australia and New Zealand in the south to the Aleutian Islands in the north. Examples of conflicts are the entire Pacific Theater, Burma or China in WW2, Korean War, Vietnam, the Cold War in Korea, or other documented conflicts in that region (i.e., the UN peacekeeping action in East Timor from 1999 to 2005 and the brief civil wars in Fiji during 1994, 2000, and 2006).

Vendor coordinators, seminar coordinators, show sponsors and many other AMPS members are working behind the scenes to put together a fantastic show this year. Although we are a little more than 20 weeks out from the big show, don’t let that time slip away on getting those builds done and please note the following:

Seminar Topic Voting: AMPS conventions always have a variety of excellent seminars led by knowledgeable presenters. For the 2023 show, AMPS is planning to conduct several hands-on “How to” seminars wherein materials for the participants will be provided free of charge though seating will be limited. Several seminar topics are listed for consideration for AMPS members to vote on their choice of what seminars will be presented. Voting can only be done on the AMPS homepage by AMPS members with active memberships. So, go to the AMPS homepage (, sign in and scroll down the page to “Seminar Voting” and follow the instructions. Voting is open until December 31, 2022. Results will be announced in early January 2023.

Hotel Reservations: The AMPS special hotel room rate is $128.00 per night. While no complimentary breakfast is included, the hotel restaurant is offering a 20% discount. WiFi and parking are included in the room rate. Visit the AMPS homepage at and check out how easy it is to register for a room on-line. Don’t forget: When you call, be sure to include the AMPS group code 050323AMP block so you get the discounted AMPS rate. The hotel will accept room reservations by telephone, by calling 717-763-7117 and quote group code 050323AMP. The cut-off date for getting the AMPS special rate is April 12, 2023.

Pre-registration: AMPS 2023 show pre-registration opens on January 1, 2023. Pre-registration is a great way to get all the paperwork done beforehand. There is no model limit for this show, so finish up those partial builds and shelf queens and get ready for a great convention weekend.

Call for Judges: AMPS is always looking for more judges to help spread the work around and allow more modelers to enjoy the show. Sharing in the judging duties helps others who might be otherwise working several judging shifts to enjoy the show. AMPS has judges’ training on-line for those who would like to get involved in serving as well as for those who would like a refresher course.

Donations: One of the memorable events at the AMPS convention is the ever popular, always fantastic raffle. Our Raffle Coordinator, Frank Ciccarella reminds AMPS members that donations are always welcome and will only help to make the raffle that much more enticing. Contact Frank on the AMPS homepage (“The Society” link) if you have anything you would like to donate to this year’s raffle. New or very good condition items such as kits, tools, reference material, aftermarket sets, etc., would be most welcome.

Membership Note: If you have not renewed your membership, now would be a great time so you don’t miss any Boresight issues or access to the product reviews put together by the AMPS Review Crew. Visit the AMPS homepage ( for news and updates on the 2022 show and other news happening around the AMPS community.

Attendance Note: Non-AMPS members are welcome and encouraged to attend the AMPS International Convention. By paying the show entrance fee, non-AMPS members can access the model display room, attend the various seminars, take a chance at the ever-popular AMPS raffle, shop at the many vendors, attend judging certification classes and even participate as a judge.

Till the next AMPS 2023 show announcement,

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Does AMPS have it’s show only in the Eastern half of the USA? Are the shows ever central or west?

They have had shows in Ohio and Indiana in the past but that’s as far west as there has been a show as far as I can remember.

Individual chapters bid for the shows so it might be a case where there have been no bids form chapters in those areas.