AMPS 2024 Show Announcement - New Year; New Information

Greetings Fellow Armor Modelers,

The year 2023 is in the books and that means the AMPS 2024 International Show in South Bend, IN, April 11-13, 2024, is that much closer. In fact, the show is less than 80 days away. So, keep hunkered down in the man cave and build away so you are ready to roll when April gets here.

A few updated notes, reminders and AMPS 2024 Convention Fees (near the end):

Hotel Reservations: Hotel reservations for the show are open and you can book yours fast and all on-line by visiting the AMPS homepage ( So, if you didn’t reserve your room before the New Year, now would be a good time to start the year off right and ensure you’ve got a place to stay. For the best service, use the links for the Doubletree by Hilton or Courtyard by Marriott on the AMPS homepage and check this chore off your list.
NOTE: Both hotels are just across the street from the Convention Center.

Pre-registration: Pre-registration is open and ready to go. This is a great time saver, especially for when you arrive at the show. Simply drop off your paperwork, hand off your model to the ramrod, meet up with friends, recon on the vendor tables and enjoy the show. Follow the easy links on the AMPS homepage (, pay on-line and register your entries. Remember, you don’t need your entries to be completed when pre-registering.
NOTE: Once you complete your registration forms, remember to print them out and bring them with you to the show.

Category Sponsorships: AMPS is still looking for sponsorships in the “Best of’s” and in most entry category sponsorships. Sponsoring a specific category or a “Best of” is a great way to directly support the show. Visit the AMPS homepage, select “The Society” link at the top of the page, then select “Contact the AMPS Executive Board” and send Marketing Director Frank Froment a message indicating what you or your chapter would like to sponsor.

Call for Judges: It’s not G-2 (Intelligence and Security) information that AMPS always needs many judges to help ensure all entries are reviewed and scored by the judges. If you haven’t judged before, now would be a great time to step up and give it a try. It will help make you a much better and observant modeler. Check out the Judges’ Training modules on the AMPS home page ( and consider volunteering for a shift or more at the show.
NOTE: When you pre-register, you can sign up for judging shifts or volunteer for other duties needed to help make the show run smooth for everyone.

Kit Donations: It’s no surprise the ever-popular AMPS raffle is one very cool convention activity that people get excited about. Attendees have a chance to win exciting items like kits, aftermarket items and reference materials. At the same time they are donating to help support AMPS through raffle ticket purchases. AMPS relies on donations from manufacturers, vendors and AMPS members like you to add to the diversity of raffle items. So, as you wander through your stash of kits, aftermarket items, and books; please consider making a donation to help grow the AMPS raffle. This directly supports the society to host future shows and preservation projects. Newer (complete) kits, diorama items, figures, aftermarket items, photo-etch sets, decals, reference books/manuals, and unused tools, are most welcome. Contact Raffle Coordinator Georg Eyerman via email at] regarding what you will be donating before heading to the show.

AMPS International Convention Visitor,
Registration & Membership Fee Schedules

Walk-In Visitors
– Visitors and Non Contestants. (Covers the show duration). (Red wrist bands)

OPTION 0 – Military and First Responders in Uniform free admission
OPTION 1 – Walk-In Youth $10
OPTION 2 – Walk-In Single $15
OPTION 3 – Walk-In Family $25

On Site Registration
– Active AMPS Members. (Contest Registration Fee Only) (Green wrist bands)

OPTION 4 – Active Regular member $45
OPTION 5 – Active Junior member $30

– New / Renewing AMPS Membership with Registration. (Green wrist bands)

OPTION 6 - New & Renewing AMPS member (Saves $5)
United States
Register & Renew for 1 year $70
for 2 years $95
for 3 years $115

Regular + Printed (US only)
Register & Renew for 1 year $95
for 2 years $145
for 3 years $195

Junior Member (Aged 17 or younger)
Register & Renew for 1 year $40
for 2 years $50
for 3 years $60

Family Member
Register & Renew for 1 year $45
for 2 years $50
for 3 years $55

International (Digital)
Register & Renew for 1 year $65
for 2 years $85
for 3 years $105

2024 AMPS Membership Rates:
Membership Type One Year Two Years Three Years
2 printed and 4 digital issues per year $30 $55 $80
Junior *
Under 18 years old, 2 printed and 4 digital issues per year $15 $25 $35
Family **
Associated with a regular member, 6 digital issues per year $5 $10 $15
6 digital issues per year $25 $45 $65
Regular + All Printed Issues
6 printed issues per year $55 $105 $155

  • Juniors are members aged 17 years or younger.
    ** Family rates are for anyone living at the same address as an active regular member.
    *** Regular + All Printed Issues is available to US residents only (due to postage rates).

------- 2024 Pre-Registration Contest Fee Schedule.--------
Regular Member Registration $45
Junior Member Registration $30
— Pre-Registration and Join/Renew Combination Packages
($5 savings off full pricing) ----
Registration and 1 year Regular (US) renewal $70
Registration and 1 year Regular (International) renewal $65
Registration and 1 year Regular + Printed Boresight (US region only) $95
Registration and 1 year Junior renewal $40
Registration and 1 year Family Member renewal $45

Until the next AMPS 2024 show announcement,

Model on!



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