AMPS Central SC 2021 Scale Model Exhibition and Contest

Hi ya fellow AMPS’ers!

I just wanted to post up a quick notice here on the AMPS sub-forum that AMPS Central SC “Wildcats” chapter will once again be co-hosting a show in 2021 along with our friends in the IPMS Mid-Carolina “Swamp Foxes.” As in the past, our show will be back in the SC National Guard Armory in Columbia, SC which is co-located with the SC NG Museum.

More info on the show along with the link to our show’s website can be found here:

2021 SC Scale Model Mega Show:: Announcement and Thread

You might also be interested to know that the SC NG Museum has in its vehicle and AFV collection an example of the LARC, a model of which was recently announced by Gecko. If you’re looking for reference info in anticipation of the kit, come and get it!

Armorama New Release News:: Gecko Models LARC-V Amphib

Hope to see you at the Big Show next June!

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Just a quick reminder that this show is fast approaching!

If you’re a potential vendor, please note that we only have 5 tables (out of 70) left. These last few will go quick, so contact our vendor coordinator (email link on our show website) ASAP if you want one (or all of them!).

We’ll be conducting in-person and simulcast Zoom judges training on Saturday afternoon, 22 May. If you’re interested in this, contact us using the email links on our contest website OR contact your local IPMS R-12 or AMPS South regional coordinator or local club / chapter president for more information (and the Zoom link if you need that).

Happy modeling!

So, yet another update, this time on the new COVID procedures policy:

The hosts of the 2021 SC Scale Model Mega Show highly encourage everyone attending our show to follow the CDC recommendations for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.

The CDC recommends that all persons follow these guidelines for indoor gatherings:
Wear a Mask
Practice Social Distancing
Wash their Hands Frequently
Avoid Crowded, Poorly Ventilated Spaces
Get Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated persons are encouraged to follow the CDC’s latest guidelines for that status.

The decision to follow or not follow any of these recommendations is your responsibility.

So, not to put too fine a point on it, we WILL NOT BE ASKING anyone what their vaccination status is, NOR WILL WE BE ASKING anyone to wear a mask (basically, “Don’t ask; Don’t Tell”). We will post up the CDC’s recommended guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated people and encouraging everyone to follow those. BUT!

To reiterate, the bottom line is that following or not following any particular guidelines is an INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILIY.

We will still be counting heads and working against a self-imposed occupancy limit. So, registered exhibitors, vendors and some others will be issued wristbands and counted permanently against the occupancy limit, and all others will be counted in and out. However, we have been able to raise our occupancy limit to a level that we do not believe will have any practical impact on attendees and participants freely moving in and out of the venue. EVERYONE IN LINE TO REGISTER before the scheduled registration closing time will be allowed to do so whether we have reached the occupancy limit or not. (Again, we do not expect any venue access issues with the new occupancy limit.)

More details can be found on the show website: SC Sale Model Mega Show (scroll down a bit on the homepage).

Finally, we remain sold out on all 71 vendor tables, but we are running a “standby” list for any potential vendors who missed reserving their tables before we sold out.

Follow the signs to the 2021 SC Scale Model Mega Show!

See ya there!

Seems like the stars maybe in alignment, hope to be there Saturday.

Just got home from the venue setup, so we’re ready to go! Hope to see ya there!

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Hope it goes well. I know we have a van or two of folks coming down.

Looked like a good show going on :slight_smile: I had the chance to drop in for an hour or so. Lots of vendors and excellent models. A+


Glad you could make it, Wade!

We were pleasantly surprised at the general turnout, and preliminary reports from the vendors suggest that they all had very good sales. Lots and lots of general admission folks came early and appeared to hit the vendor area hard.

We did have some administrative issues with the new show format. Registration could have been smoother and more accurate, and our judging team was slow to get going. The result was that we were about an hour and half off our desired time schedule. Of course, that pushed the awards ceremony late in the day.

The biggest problem for the day, though, was with the venue, a NG armory owned by the state. Unfortunately, the a/c crapped out which otherwise would have been absolutely unacceptable. This was simply out of our control, though. There was nothing that could be done to fix or even improve the situation. It was hotter outside than in, so opening the doors was not an option. By mid-afternoon, it was more than a lot of folks could or would stand for, so the show went from a gang-busters start, to a hot and sweaty fade out.

We anticipated a learning curve with the new show format, and we knew everyone was going to be really rusty with the show and judging admin. After all, it has been two years since we ran our last show in 2019. We weren’t happy with our own, self-inflicted delays. They were disappointing to us but not a real shocker.

We do anticipate that for next year, we’ll have implemented the lessons learned with operating the new show format and judging. Everyone will be a lot fresher with regard to doing their jobs, and… We will almost certainly be changing venues, so there will NOT be a repeat of “the great air conditioning fiasco of 2021”!

Again, glad you could make it. I hope you made yourself and some of the vendors happy!

Stay tuned for 2022!

I definitely hope to return next to next show with more time available and bring several entries. I like the format choice and think it’s an excellent direction.

When I arrived around 10:45 am, the parking lot was full :slight_smile: That’s an excellent sign of a highly desired event. Lots license plates from far away states, clearly an event with a great reputation.

The venue was pleasant when I arrived and gradually started to heat up. The AC issue explains why. That’s a rough break in June but everything seemed to be handled very well from what I observed.

Looking forward to the next one :slight_smile:


That’d be great, Wade!

It’ll take our clubs a couple of months to process the show experience, close the accounting, and discuss and vote on what we want to do for 2022.

Any of our modeling friends who live in the region - and especially those of you who attended - please feel free to send us your thoughts and ideas about this year’s show. You can find us on the show’s FB page or on its website (with email contact links). If you want to see a show next year, let us know!

Hopefully, the combined membership will be in favor of hosting another show next year, and if we do, of course, we’ve love to see our KitMaker Network friends attend and participate!

Happy modeling!


Tough break but some things are out of the committees control. The joys of running a show. I will let you know what our boys say.