AMT 1937 Chevrolet Master Business Coupe

After watching Chris’ (hpiguy’s) video on this kit,

I hemmed & hawed about it for a while, but I eventually pulled the trigger. I liked the idea of being able to build an everyday car. Nothing fancy. No big engine or drag tires. Just a car. Do I did. The fit ranged from pretty poor to bad, but it’s an AMT kit so I’m not surprised. The body color is Tamiya Maroon TS-11 and the interior is Tamiya Light Sand TS-46. The build is completely box stock, with the Michigan Historical License Plate being the only thing added. I’d like to say that the build was enjoyable, but it really wasn’t. Oh, well. You have those every so often. Going from a Tamiya kit to an AMT kit probably wasn’t such a good idea either. Anyway, I’m glad it’s done & on the shelf.


Stovebolt 6:

Onward & upward!



hpiguy makes even AMT kits look easy. Slugging through one now myself. The car looks good, even if it wasn’t a box shaker.

Thanks, Ryan. Yes, he does, and he’s always so enthusiastic. I have to keep telling myself when I watch his videos that he’s a salesman, and a good one, too. I’ve purchased may a kit based on his videos.


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