AMT 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix

Hello again fellas.

Here’s another one of my favorites from a couple of years back.

An original AMT 1964 Grand Prix finished in a full detail style using a good portion of the chassis, engine and engine bay parts from the more recent AMT 1962 Catalina kit.

Again, in this case, the interior was cut apart and most parts modified to step up the realism.

The usual exterior modifications were performed, including new glass, door handles and locks and scratch made antenna.
Tires are Moebius items and the color is Scale Finishes “Sunfire Red”.

The interior has re-worked seats and door panels, including new trim, arm rests and scratch made window cranks.

Dash has had new knobs, gauge pods and wire trim moldings added.
The steering wheel is from the AMT Catalina with completely scratch made spoke detail, center cap and horn ring.

The engine bay and engine have been completely plumbed and wired, and an automatic transmission was fashioned from a Johan '62 Olds piece, modified to represent a “roto-hydromatic” transmission.

Hope you like it.



A few more detail photos.



Amazing details. Very well done.


Now that’s one impressive Pontiac Grand Prix. the paint is perfect, the engine is your usual amazing detail effort, and the interior of oiled off white leather looks just as I remember it.
I didn’t own a Grand Prix, but my parents let me pick out their next car for some reason I’ve long forgot, and I picked the Pontiac Grand Prix in Nocturnal Blue with a White leather interior. Of course Dad said that my job was to wax it every couple of months, which I did (but not in the winter) until I graduated High School in 1965, and got my own car.

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What’s not to like that interior is amazing, I like that you did just the rite amount of weathering to add to the realistic look.

Very nice, looks absolutely spot on.

Watto :+1:

You have a real knack for choosing great colors for cars- both exterior and interior!

Picture perfect! :grinning: