AMT 1964 Pontiac LeMans Convertible

Hello all!

I haven’t been spending much time on the site lately, so I suppose I should give an update.

I put the '59 Desoto on the back burner for the time being.
I just wasn’t feeling it.

So instead I decided to continue with my stable of '64 Pontiacs and go to work on this old derelict '64 Lemans convertible.
I’ll be finishing this in a full detail style, much like my last '64 Bonneville project, with plenty of parts swapping and scratch building.

Here’s what I’m starting with.
The chrome parts were re-plated some years back.
The color will be correct 1964 Pontiac “Singapore Gold” from Scale Finishes.



That Singapore Gold looks right as rain, very nice. Look forward to following the build.

One question, why is the engine orange?

Good question! :wink:

These photos are just the raw parts as I got them.

I won’t even be using that engine.

I’ll be using mostly the engine from the Revell 1966 GTO kit.



My first thought was that as with my previous '64 Bonneville project, I wanted a removable convertible up-top for this model, but outside of the less than stellar Polar lights '64 GTO top, there’s really no presentable up-top available for a '64/'65 GM A-body, so I decided that I’d try my hand at creating one.

The AMT 1965 GTO separate hard top seemed like a good blank slate to begin with, as it has the right overall dimensions.

A considerable amount of modification went into this top, but I won’t bore you with details.

Hopefully the photos will tell the story adequately.



The top looks fantastic!

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Great job Steve, looks factory to me! Interior support frame came up nicely as well.

Quick question, what did you use for the lengthwise strips?

Cheers, D

Basically, it’s just paint.

I masked the sides of the top and then sprayed a couple of coats down the center, then a little more primer and then unmasked.


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Very cool, using the thickness of the primer/paint as a feature. Another one for the memory bank, thanks mate!

Cheers, D

The top is basically done, except for a few minor detail touches.

Not being completely certain what I was going to end up with, I’m quite happy with the results!



The finished soft top is extraordinary! The subtly achieved with the fabric is amazing.


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Been some time since I’ve really sat down and done any work on this project, but I’ve hopefully begun getting back into the swing of it.

I’ve decided that I’m going to do a representation of a 326 2-barrel for the engine in this car, which means that some modifications are required to reach the goal of a 2-bbl carb and intake.

I have a 4-bbl intake from the Revell '68 Firebird kit on the way courtesy of a member of a forum that I belong to, to try to change into a 2-bbl intake, and I’ve begun gussying up a center carb from the Revell '66 GTO tri-power set up to represent a 2-bbl.

It’s not perfect, but I believe that with a bit more detail painting, and some basic weathering, it should at least be palatable.



Looking forward to more updates!

I like the 2 barrel , that’s a unique and cool choice!