AMT 1973 International Transtar CO4070A

According to sources on another forum, AMT is reissuing the long-lost International 4070A Transtar! The new version of the Transtar CO4070A cabover is a 100% NEW TOOL. Round2 used an original Ertl #8000 kit had it 3D scanned to create CAD drawings so that the kit could be reworked and created again. Each part had to be removed from the sprues and scanned. The NEW TOOL will feature new parts layout, a new chrome tree with different chrome parts than the original. Some shapes that the original kit didn’t capture or didn’t fit as well as they should have been corrected. Here are some of the subtle changes you will see in the Round2 NEW TOOL AMT branded International Transtar CO4070A:
1 color plastic (no red plastic to cause paint issues)
New parts layout.
Cleaner molding parting seams.
Non-chromed 5th wheel.
Non-chromed spoke wheels.
Non-chromed air cleaner piping.
Non-chromed manifold and lower exhaust pipes.
Air horn shape corrected with open trumpet ends - no more flat end with large visible seam.
Right hand step reworked to clear the tire.
Front axle placement adjusted to clear battery box.
Front axle track-width narrowed so the tires sit under the cab properly.
Optional chrome plated 10-hole Alcoa Front Runner steer wheels
1 piece vinyl tires
Separately molded windshield A-pillar wind deflectors.

Here are some photos of the test shot built by Warren Disbrow:

This is currently scheduled for release in the Spring, and should retail for $72.



I’ll buy that one for sure! Still have the original issue Transtar which I built when I was a teenager back in the 70’s.

That is so cool. I learned to drive on International tractors and trucks.

Excellent! This is a classic and will be very popular amongst the truck builders.

Thanks for the heads-up Jim, I will keep an eye out for this on the LHS shelves down here.

Cheers, D

Yes, this is excellent news. Guess we should be thankful for 3-D scanners! There is already chatter over on the Model Car Magazine Forum about what other kits can be brought back in this manner. Will we see the CO4070B Transtrar II? What about the Alaskan Hauler Kenworth W900? Or the International S-Series kits? Oh! The possibilities!


Man that’s great news!!! I wished they’d do the same thing with the Freightliner COE and this time get the headlights put a little lower on the cab.

Hi all,

Loving this. Can’t wait

Regards jason

I’m not sure who Warren Disbrow is but that test shot was built by me, and all the info was my description. The model is shown on my workbench. The pics and text were posted on my Fotki page and Facebook posts. Hopefully this was just some confusion and not someone using my workbench photographs as their own.


Yes, Tim, there was just some confusion there. Had I known that you had built the test shot, I surely would have given you the credit. My apologies. The original posts over on MCM have been edited, and I was in the hospital for a month & a half, so I probably missed the edits. Again, my apologies, and now that you mention it I recognize your workbench from other models you have built.


Hi Jim,
That makes perfect sense. I was wondering if someone was posting my pics as if it was their photo and build.



Apparently AMT is planning on issuing a Rat Fink edition of the International 4070A.

Other than the obvious (money), I have to ask why? I wonder if “Rat Fink” is the new Coca-Cola.

A member on another forum pointed out that apparently there will be a Rat Fink trailer to go behind this tractor.


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I do like that one graphic, I assume a water slide and both sides, of the Rat Fink in the ‘back window’

I would guess so. It’s not my thing.


LOL! Rich!