AMT '59 El Camino

I built this around 3 years ago for a friend of my son Joseph. He received this kit for a birthday gift and after coming over to the house, asked me to build it. The kit is an old mold and is quite crude in quality but I think I managed to work some of the bugs out of it anyways. I didn’t do a whole lot of research on this car and the avid enthusiast will be able to pick up on that pretty quick but still I’m pretty happy with the turn out. I’ve just about perfected my painting method on autos and I got ALOT of practice with bare metal foil.

I had a case made out of a shadow box from Hobby Lobby, had mirror cut out to fit for the base, custom built Lexan clear cover and personalized it with a badge for him. Kid nearly fell out when I gave it to him.


Great build Joseph, really neat work! Like most of the old releases, it’s a tough kit to pull into shape, but you have managed it very nicely!

Cheers, D


Holly Smokes, a 1959 El Camino in stock form. This has gotta be the 1st one in model form that I can remember seeing, and i don’t remember ever seeing one on the road. Been in a few mid '60s ones, and they were one really neat ride even in factory trim.

As usual, you did one heck of a fantastic build on a so so kit. The finished display piece proves that. As usual, I love your paint job. Not a drop of that dreaded Orange Peel, so the mile deep finish just jumps right out at you. The Bare Metal Foil looks like it was Hi quality Tamiya Chrome plating ( a true joy to have in one’s kit), and the under side of the chassis looks like a real stock late 50’s Chevy for sure with duel exhausts. The engine has the same look and feel to it. Even the chromed air cleaner over the duel carbs has the paper filter just tinted enough to look like the real deal, not a white painted plastic kit part. Same for the Purolator Blue oil filter and the often left off label (I’m famous for that miscue more times then not).

Even the display case shows the care and pride you put into this build for your son’s friend. All told I’d say it’s a solid A+ build.



Stunning build Joseph! I’ve never seen a El Camino in the flesh so to speak but this build certainly makes up for it.


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Gorgeous car. The '59 El Camino has to be the best looking pick-up, of all time. The baby moon hubcaps are perfect, for this ride.

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Thanks you guys. I’ve gotta admit that this car and the way the kid wanted it built was not really my cup of tea at first but the more I worked on it the more I came to appreciate the lines as well as the look.

Never saw this car in that way before but now that you mention it…lolololol

@Joel_W With all respect Joel, the oil filter is not a Purolator. It is a AC Delco filter. AC painted their spin on and canister oil filters that shade of blue until the early 80’s, Joel.

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Thanks Joel. I hear ya buddy. I guess I’ve got a thing for AC Delco stuff as I worked in Chevrolet dealers as a tech for around 20 years from the mid 90’s till around 2015.