AMT Fruehauf Beaded trailer

Since I’ve finished the Ford GT, I’ve decided to tackle a trailer for the Ford Louisville semi. Started on it a few days ago cleaning up plastic.

Today I tried stripping the chrome using the Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner that Mark suggested. Well, the AMT chrome is made of some weird stuff. One side stripped completely and the other did not lose even one bit of shiny stuff. Good old oven cleaner to the rescue. Just the typical AMT over abundance of lacquer to deal with.

The kit has one feature that really dates the trailer and that is the wheeled landing gear legs. So, inspired by all of you here, I tried scratching some landing pads instead. The pad is .375x.375x.020 (10mmx10mmx.5mm) sheet scored and bent up on the ends and the score line filled in with sprue-goo to reinforce the plastic. Leg is .125 square tubing that I had to upsize the hole to .080 to fit the the square rod that will disappear into the landing gear frame. Shown with the kit wheeled version.

Thanks for looking.


Oh, and the gussets are .015 sheet.

Lovely work David, you’ve started down a very deep, twisting rabbit hole mate!

Great to see you making a start on the trailer part of the project, we seem to be seeing a few more truck builds hitting the benches lately.

Cheers, D