Amusing hobby 1/35 scale panther II

Hello, I started working on the scheme yesterday wich will be inspired by ammo mig tiger II box art. I’ll try to experiment a bit with weathering withou pigment (mainly mud). Yesterday, I delimited the color, begun to fill in and then… I remarked that I messed up one side, so I had to sand it, yay

I modifyed the turret so that it’s more accurate to the panzer tract/truck & tank drawing


got busy during the weekend working on the turret, the hull and the suspension(and I could get a RFM panther F with a trumpeter E50 and 2 AK interactive book because I passed my exam, yeet!)

@sgeorges4 congratulations :clap: on passing your exam!

Looks like an interesting model in process. Can’t wait to see more!

I tend to be somewhat special when it come to my what if (to me, their what if so I can represent them the way I want, if I want to do a tank without suspension, I’ll just base myself around the panther memorial without them that I can find). Thanks by the way, the memoir and “livret d’employabilité”(a CV but much bigger) oral exam went much better than excpected. The AH kit is fine, just had some problem with joining the 2 hull pieces together, but I think it was somewhat my fault, I’ll do much better on my next panther II hull wich is going to be a technical

Regarding Panzer 46 what it’s long ago I did that old DML Panther II and painted in Italian aircraft colors, Italian olive green, Italian leather etc, it was all fairly close etc…the model club Panzer Police almost had :cow2: cows because it wasn’t Panzer Dark Yellow etc. That’s the fun thing about what if - lots of do what you want :wink:

Advanced a lot on that one yesterday with the roadwheel, some work on the turret and the earth on the hull being done mixing paint with actual earth

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I like the kit, pretty well enginered.
Funny how Panther II oftenly is classified as ”panzer -46” when it in reality would have gone in production in 1944. Instead they invented schürzen for the Panther I and implemented some of the Panther II features in the Ausf G

@sgeorges4 Aurelein, the masking for the light color stripes looks nice and sharp. Well done.

aand it’s done! For a first try in weathering, I think it’s good. The vynil track surprised me because the revell glu actually holded them verry well, I didn’t had to use super glue at all.