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Amusing Hobby 35A047 KF51 PANTHER will be released in April.

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The chassis is based on the Leopard 2A4, main gun is 130 mm
Another one for the stash, just love them big cats

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That actually looks pretty cool …

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Damn, a 4th generation MBT - and it will be “loads” of fun doing that camo, too!


Interesting. Right now it is only a concept for an upgrade to older Leo 4 chassis. If/when it is produced we will see who gets it. It may only turn out to be a proof of concept vehicle. As for now, the German govt. is apparenty not interested in it.

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I’m praying for other painting alternatives,
or I’ll go for a What-If scheme with Swedish splinter camo,
Berlin Urban camo or the norman German camo.
I. Am. NOT, Going. To. Do. All them fricking squares, no way!


Maybe it can be seen soon…

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I saw that. Just talk about it for now and they wouldn’t be available for at least 15 mos. We shall see.

It kind of reminds me of the General Dynamics Land Systems M60-2000 design concept to upgrade M60 tanks to M1A1 standards.

M60-2000 - Wikipedia


I saw it last year at Eurosatory. The one they showed was a mock-up of fibre glass and wood on a Leo 2A4.

The design looks to be driven at least as much by looking cool as by forward thinking practicality.

The shroud around the gun barrel look to be inspired by after market parts for BMX bikes.

Also, why a measly yet unique 130mm? what happened to all the work that had been done in the early 1990s about fitting the leopard 2 with a 140mm gun?

Isn’t the shroud around the gun barrel to reduce the thermal signature of the tank after firing?

Still make for a great kit.

After doing a Chieftain and a CR2 in in Berlin Brigade urban camo the camouflage on this Panther will be a walk in the park…

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The K51 does seem to address a lot of MBT shortcomings that current MBTs and even the AbramsX does not, such as top protection against ATGMs, passive and reactive armor, Loitering Munitions, Active Protection Systems, 130mm main gun, autoloader, remote gun turret, etc.

Having just 20 rounds of 130mm ammo isn’t a lot, but the four Hero-120 LMs make up for it and slams and spike into naysayers who said that longer-range LMs and ATGMs will render the MBT useless and obsolete. Now the K51 has “the best of both worlds” and has a decent range also.

The “shroud” on the gun barrel is probably for stealth and stabilization/bracing measures in addition to hiding the thermal signature of the gun.


The gun shroud makes me think of the Puma’s gun.

or maybe this one


24 Pulk Ulanów,10 Brygada Kawalerii Pancernej, 11 Lubuska Dywizja Kawalerii Pancernej, Wojska Lądowe. (24th Ulan Regt., 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade, 11th Armored Division, Polish Land Forces.)

I say get rid of the stupid missiles and add another 10 to 15 more rounds of 130mm rounds
and leave the LM/ATGM to the panzerjagers

The space consumed by the 4 shots of stand-off recon assets would provide maybe 6 additional shots for the main guns. If they can be used for attacks as well…

the starter for the HERO-120 is a module. You can install it on a per mission base. But I don’t know what kind of other modules there are. One video claimes that there can be installed a second magazine, but I can’t find anything on Rheinmetall’s website.