Amusing Hobby Leopard 2A8 annouced

Hot on the heels of the RFM news regarding a Leopard 2A7 we are now getting a 2A8.




Man that turret is stuffed with more crap than a Christmas turkey! Pretty soon the turret is gonna outsize the hull!


TROPHY - The gift that keeps giving lol — looks nice though … Would probably get this instead of the A7


One of the current and future challenges is the lack of hull and turret “real estate” to put things. APS takes up space, power etc. and it must be kept “clear”. Along with other sensors and commo etc. plus gear and food/water for the crew.

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Honest question: am I correct to assume that this vehicle resembles a prototype and not one of the soon-to-be produced versions for the Norwegians and the Germans?

Nice looking kit, but are we drowning in Leopards? I know its a very topical subject, but i feel manufactures have no desire to do something different.

Manufacturers have a desire to sell their products …

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