Amusing Hobby PT-91M Pendekar | Armorama

Amusing Hobby in cooperation with Malasyian modelling shop WHM is to release the country’s Main Battle Tank PT-91M Pendekar in 1/35 scale.

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The Malaysian variant is as close to the Polish PT-91 (Polish improved T-72M1) and PT-91A as Budweiser light is to water.
I hope they do a straight PT-91 and PT-91A as well.

Hoping for the other Polish vehicles based on the PT-91 chassis might be a lost cause though …

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What an intriguing business relationship; I wonder if others exist that we largely are oblivious to or if this might be the wave of the future.

Well…it would make sense to be in cooperation. Since car companies and aircraft companies have global partners, why not the modeling industry?