Amusing Hobby Sho't Kal Aleph

I’m not sure, but I think storing the personal weapons of the loader and the commander on the turret top also started after the YKW. IDF tanks in the Sinai were often fired RPGs at by Egyptian soldiers suddenly popping up from behind sand dunes at such close ranges, that the warhead hardly had enough time to arm itself.

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Definitely prior to YKW.

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Thanks, Nikos, good to know!

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It was not a factory install though. All the photos from the factory that the upgrade is being done do not show the uzi mount.

Maybe it was unit specific…? Do you have any photos from the pre-YKW period of the loader’s rack?

Not from Shot Cal, only upgraded Shots but they do not show Uzi mounts.

Nice discussion guys.Ive always meant to do.a Shot
circa. 1982.I did have a legends conversion a long time ago.but it wasnt great as the glacis plate part of the hull top casting was shrunken and short by 15mm.It was a case of i think a casting being used to remould hence massive shrinkage.I see Afv Club Gimmels and Dalets on E.bay but ive heard about issues with them?.
Keep going Russ.Doing a grand job there.


AFV Club Gimel and Dalet are excellent kits, no real issues just a couple of minor details missing or needing correction. I have assembled one here:

If you find the kits at a decent price go for it, they can be built out of the box easily.

Wow. Even 1.5mm would be noticable, but 15mm? Can you show us a photo? The height seems like it would only be 40mm or so and the length 70-80? (just wildass guesses here)

If you really want to challenge yourself dig up one of the old AEF Designs conversions for the Tamiya kit.

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Ouch AEF.I remember in the 80s buying an engine deck conversion and stuff from E.D models in uk and boy oh boy lets say i couldnt use the parts.Some stuff was passable but woeful casting.Think ive still got Magach bits somewhere but ive had these since 1990s.
Gluttons for punishment.

The importer of the Legends stuff is a friend and the whole batch of conversions were the same.Lets just say he wasnt best pleased and sent me new one but same problem.But things are better now with injection kis thankfully.Im definately glutton for punishment as ive got a raft of Italeri and Esci m60s!!!.Dont mention the tracks grrrrrr.Not gooood at all fella.

Many thanks as always Nikos.Will go a hunting!!.It would be nice if a Nakpadon would come out in styrene!!.I quite fancy doing a Nagmachon without hound house and earlier Nagmashot.I got an IDF modelling book and wow sooooo many nice models.
Happy modelling from Richard

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There is a new Trackpad book out, and already ordered, for modeling the Centurion.

I second that! And the Pereh too, just to round it off!

The Tiger Model offering is a very solid kit, highly recommended!

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Many thanks for the reply.Nakpadon would be most welcome.Im surprised no manfacturer hasnt produced one or a conversion.We live in hope!!!.

Well what to do, what to do…
Ammo cans off, and I think I’m going to remove the TC’s Uzi mount because it’s an obvious factory type mount, but I can always hang one nearby later.

I guess I need to break the tracks down and clip the ends on every sixth link… oh joy.
Edit: the Uzi came off easy, only held on by a couple of tiny weld beads at the bracket.
Robert, I did the same thing years ago, ruined resin for me for years after.

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Jack: I’d be all over that, looks like quality builds and info by really knowledgeable people. I’ll wait for one on the later Marks though.

T142 tracks

Actually, after building their conversions, entire resin kits have been a snap for me ever since.
Enjoying the build. I’m sure it’ll be great when done.

Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks for the info Robin.I might try some Afv club links first as i was told they mesh better with the Italeri/Esci sprocket wheels.The kit tracks are a strange soapy soft plastic and ive tried 2 sets and always end up falling apart and end up short by half a link.
Cheers from Richard